Iguazu Waterfalls: Everything you must know

On the border with Argentina and Brazil, close to Paraguay lay one of the world’s most majestic waterfalls! Foz do Iguacu (Portuguese) or Iguazu falls (Spanish) are one and the same! This is one of the top sights of the entire continent! So do include this in your itinerary and do not skip!

As this natural wonder lays on the border, it is best to take 2 days to experience the falls from both sides! Let me provide you with some tips on how to make the most of your waterfall experience!…


Start at the Brazilian Foz do Iguacu side

If you have a choice, I would recommend starting on the Brazilian side. However, do keep your travel direction in mind and don’t keep crossing borders and waste time, just for the sake of it. We entered Brazil from Ciudad del Este, Paraguay… and would be heading to Buenos Aires, so that worked out perfectly!…

The Brazilian side lays on the higher plateau, meaning you get a good sense of the magnitude of the falls and see the tons of water fall down next to you and beneath you, standing on one of the viewing platforms.

Top Tip: Pay a visit to the visitor centre to get a good understanding of the geography, flora & fauna of the entire natural park!

Iguacu Brazil

Iguacu Brazil

Iguazu Argentina


Enjoy the wildlife

When hiking the grounds, It will surely not only be the many waterfalls drawing your attention. The whole lush green scenery is beautiful and you will definitely stumble upon various tropical birds, butterflies, capybaras, coatis and even jaguars (if you are very ‘lucky’).

Iguazu bird

Iguazu butterfly

Iguazu Coti

Iguazu Tucan


Spend the night in Puerto Iguazu

After a day of enjoying the Brazilian Foz do Iguacu side make your way to the Argentinian Puerto Iguazu side. Staying on this side of the border enables you to start exploring the waterfalls as soon as you wake up. This tip obviously also works when travelling in the opposite direction. It ensures you do not have to worry about any travel or border logistics the next morning.

Iguazu Argentina


Get up close to the water on the Argentinean side

After enjoying the spectacle from above on the first day, it is time to get up close to this thundering water mass.

Situated on the lower plateau, you are able to get up close to the various waterfalls. You can do this via walkways, but also by boat and other adventurous ways. Do check out the various tour operators on what suits your appetite best! We booked a powerboat tour through the Iguazu valley skimming past and through some of the many waterfalls and countless rainbows!…

Iguazu Argentina

Iguazu boat tour

Iguazu waterfall boat


Top Tip: Do keep in mind that you can get quite wet (even when not taking a boat tour, but while walking some of the pathways), so dress appropriately (e.g. swimsuit or ponchos) and wrap valuables in plastic or water-resistant bags.

Iguazu View


Following this wet adventure, we continued our South America adventure, heading towards Buenos Aires…. Read all about the other Ghost around the Globe top things to do in Argentina, Brazil and nearby Paraguay

Iguazu Argentina