Tenerife a great island getaway

Tenerife is the largest and most populated island of the Canary Islands. Located off the coast of Morocco and Western Sahara, these islands enjoy the sun all year-round. Many Europeans choose to retire here, or spend their winters to avoid the cold weather at home… However, do not expect these islands to be full of older people… Tenerife definitely has its bustling side, which is comparable to the Spanish party coastal towns and party islands!… Then again, also nature lovers will have a great time on this versatile island! What to think of exploring volcanic Teide National Park or take a boat trip to watch whales and dolphins


Tenerife’s water fun

Your key reason of visiting Tenerife will likely be the weather, and thus also its beaches and swimming pools! As you would expect there is certainly no lack of beaches, of which Playa de las Americas is likely the most famous. Lined with nightlife and shops. If you like to avoid the crowds, do rent a car or moped and explore the islands more remote beaches!


Siam Park

Another fun day trip is to visit Siam Park. This Thai themed water park is one of the largest in Europe. It obviously has an abundance of different slides and a very large wave pool.

Tenerife Siam Park


Whale and Dolphin watching

The best way to explore the waters surrounding the Canary islands is to book a whale and dolphin watch tour!… The views from the boat also offer great views of the volcanic island and the Teide mountain. Just book via any agency, or in the various ports around the island. Remember to always negotiate on the price!

Tenerife dolpins


Teide National Park

I advise taking at least one day to explore the volcanic island! The best way to do this is to rent a car and head into Teide National Park. Explore the volcanic rock formations, within the backdrop Teide Mountain, the highest mountain of Spain.

Tenerife Teide National Park

Tenerife Teide National Park


As soon as you leave the coast you will start to gain altitude and you will feel the temperature drop! A scenic route through pine woods offers you with beautiful views on the coastlines, mountains and distant islands.

Tenerife Teide National Park

Tenerife coast


Top Tip: Given you have rented a car this day, make the most of it and combine your trip by visiting other towns or some of the more remote beaches. Depending on your interests, do some searching online, or check with your hotel staff on tips!


Nightlife of Tenerife

Tenerife has a very versatile nightlife with an abundance of options! Ranging from nice restaurants overlooking the coast and the harbour to nightclubs partying into the wee hours of morning… I visited Tenerife with a large group of friends, hence the priorities leaned heavily towards the night club part of the spectrum!… One bar we spend a lot of time was Lineker’s Lounge.

Tenerife bar


So, looking for a great island getaway with year-round nice weather, close to Europe, with plenty of activities to undertake? Tenerife will be one of your best bets!… Let me know your thoughts!…


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