All you need to know for your Dubai Skydive

There are not many skydive locations in the World that are more iconic than Skydiving over the Palm Jumeirah in Dubai… Join me in my amazing Dubai Skydive experience for the best tips to make your jump even more spectacular and worthwhile!…


How to get to Dubai Skydive?

Dubai Skydive has 2 locations, one in the desert (which is unrelated to this post) and one just off the Palm Jumeirah in Dubai. Located very close to Jumeirah Beach Residences (JBR) and Dubai Marina. Being a Dubai resident, it was only a few mins by car/taxi to Dubai Skydive. I believe they do not have any (hotel) pick-up services but getting there should be very straight forward.


How much does Dubai Skydive cost?

Skydiving in Dubai does not come cheap and will be a bit of a splurge for many. Prices (at Palm Jumeirah) vary over the seasons but start from around AED 2500 and do not include various add-ons. I do advise to check out their website or give them a call and check for (group) discounts!… I do not recall my exact price anymore, but I am sure I received a special Dubai Residents discount.


Should I book my Dubai Skydive with Photo & Video add-on?

Well, to book the Photo & Video add-on is up to you of course! It is a very memorable experience, you cannot take any photos or videos yourself while jumping (for obvious safety reasons) and you will get all your material a few hours afterwards! I did book it (but without the extra ‘short movie editing’ – my logic is that you could always do some editing yourselves). The photos speak for themselves!… Bit more costly but likely worthwhile! You can book this option at check-in!…


The costs of this add-on do make sense, as there is an additional person jumping along for your photos. Yes, you are correct for every person that jumps 1 professional is strapped to your back and another is making photos, so for example with 6 jumpers, 12 extra, so 18 persons jump in total (+1 spare one in my case)…


What time to arrive at Dubai Skydive for your jump?

I jumped with a group of friends (quite last minute as we had one person who had to cancel). Doing a skydive was always on the list of things to do, so this was the best excuse, being over the Palm Jumeirah Landmark!… So happy that I could join Romy (the birthday girl), Esra and Eveline at the last moment!

The booking process is very easy, where you get a jump time and a separate check-in time. I would advise to not be too early at Dubai Skydive center, as you will just be waiting long(er) for your jump time. The check-in process (and payment) is very straightforward (via iPads) as well.

Dubai Skydive Group


How long do you have to wait for your Dubai Skydive jump?

The waiting between check-in and your actual jump is by far the least fun part. When waiting you can have a look at the professionals preparing the parachutes in the main hall. You will also be shown a safety instruction video.

Dubai Skydive Check In

Dubai Skydive Check In


In addition, you are able to buy some (overpriced) coffee, tea, soft drinks and snacks. The entire waiting experience is definitely an improvement area. It is not that parachute jumps are for free and some simple drinks (water at minimum) and snacks could be easily provided (without cutting in to any profit margins).

Top Tip: Bring your drinks and snacks (alcohol is not allowed for obvious safety reasons) while waiting. There is very limited availability in the basic (and overpriced) cafeteria. (You anyway have a locker so you can store anything there).


Time to suit up!

In the main hall you can find your ‘flight/jump’ time, however in the waiting area upstairs you cannot view this information (improvement area for the center). You are therefore waiting for someone to call your group (and you will see people seemingly leave before you, with no obvious reason). This all makes the experience unnecessary unclear. My advice, wait downstairs! Closer to where the action is and you can have a peek at your flight/jump time!…

Dubai Skydive Check In


Finally, it was our turn!…Whoop you are matched with your professional jumper (assuming you are not jumping solo).  The professional is checking your suit and you will give a small pre-jump interview (in case you booked with photos/movies).


Onto the Plane!

Suited up and ready to go! It is time to get into the open van that brings you to plane. If you are last on the plane you have a great view during your flight up over the many sights, as explained in this 2-day Dubai Insider itinerary

Dubai Skydive Check In


Top Tip: Try to ensure you are the FIRST to go into the van, and LAST to be in the plane. This way you sit next to the open airplane door and have an unobstructed view outside while circling up over the Palm Jumeirah.

Dubai Skydive take off


Free fall over Palm Jumeirah…

Being first in the plane means you skydive first (or second)… 3… 2… 1… Here we go!…

The rush of the free fall is amazing… However, most of this (short) time you are busy with (attempting to) posing at the photographer that jumps along!…

Dubai Skydive Jump

Dubai Skydive Jump

Dubai Skydive Jump

Dubai Skydive Jump


After this thrilling freefall the parachute is released and after a ‘snap’ you are gliding very smoothly into the silence above Dubai Marina’s skyline… An relaxing and tranquil experience…

Dubai Skydive Jump


Top Tip: Make sure your suit is sitting comfortably between your (inner) thighs, I and also some others had an ‘unpleasant’ feeling as it can really ‘tear into’ your inner thighs. Unfortunate as you are dealing with this unpleasant feeling, rather than enjoying your surroundings. Remember that your professional can loosen this while gliding down… so ask for this if feeling any discomfort!…


Touchdown at the Dubai Skydive center!

After cruising (and steering yourself for a bit) you are touching down safely at Dubai Skydive center again!… A great experience!… In my opinon not per se something to do many times (I know some people with hundreds of jumps behind their name) but definitely something to perhaps repeat someday in the future!… Highly recommend it! Skydive Dubai is a bit of a splurge but worth it!…

Dubai Skydive Landing

Dubai Skydive Landing


Well that was yet another extra adventurous Ghost around the Globe story!… When in Dubai have a look at my 2-day Dubai insider itinerary! Also, check out my posts about Abu Dhabi and the lesser known Fujairah!… To make (financial) room for your pricy Dubai Skydive also do check out my tips on how to save money in the UAE & Gulf Region!…